Customers Love Captcha Bank!

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Required service for what ultimately turned out to be a permission issue with my WP install. The tech team kept with me, making suggestions, helping where they could and basically not leaving me in the lurch. Really impressed. Having been in support myself it takes a lot to impress, and they did. Everything is now back to normal and I am one happy camper.

I had been having trouble with spam from my website, but since I have started using Captcha Bank 2 weeks ago I haven’t had any spam I would recommend this plugin to everyone🙂

I was helped with my issue within minutes. I have never seen such a fast reply to an email from a support department.

very good

Great service. Love it.

No complaints from humans about difficult logins, either. It worked right out of the box, no hassles.

This plugin does exactly what you’d expected from it.
It just adds a simple captcha into the login page and prevents most of the automatic brute-force attacks.
It just works-

After the update there was an issue with the captcha text box.
It was fixed 2 hr after I notified the support team.
I’m using the free version.
As far as using it – clean install and easy setup.
Thank you!

The popular “New User Approve” plugin bypasses other Captchas. With those, it appears to the user that the new account registration failed when the Captcha is not completed correctly. However the new account actually still gets through for approval. “Si Captcha” “Captcha by BestWebSoft” “WP ReCaptcha”, and at least 10 others I tried, all have that problem. But when “Captcha Bank” blocks a new registration by not being completed correctly – it really blocks it – the attempted registration does not get through for approval.

Great plugin and great support. ?
Thank You

The tech support from Tech Banker is great! They were prompt to fix my small issues. I was having issues with my captcha code not showing up on my contact form while not logged into the admin area of my wordpress site. They got it fixed quickly.

Good support and service! They solve the issue quickly and directly.

What a cracking little plugin, many thanks for the developers.
I personally hate hard ugly images like re-captcha to prove I’m not human, it hurts my eyes and takes too long, this is an elegant solution to a big problem.
Thank you,

Fantastic. Works like a charm.

This plugin helps for stopping the spam registrations on my blog very well! Works with latest wordpress version.

Hi. I have little problem with this tool but I resolve them.
This is very good Plugin. Thank you guys very good job.

wonderful, working like a charm!

Captcha Bank, excelente.

It just works with no fuss or drama. very good plugin and gives me more confidence my site is safer

Installs easily have had no problem with use, and has dramatically reduced comment spam

Interesting and easy to use

Very impressed with captcha bank, already upgraded and it’s even better!

simple and effective plugin. Excellent free version

Works great for me.

Great plugin, works like a charm.

Very good plugin, easy to install, easy to set up, easy to integrate, easy to translate.
I recommend this plugin and I give it 5 stars.

I contacted for a registration problem in my URL, since I previously had the registration enabled for my web http but to pass to https contacted and updated the registry in order to continue using this excellent plugin.

This plugin is an essential part of my armour for repelling brute force attacks.

While there was a little problem with the initial setup, thanks to great support it is working really well.

O Aplicativo atende exatamente as necessidades de segurança e anti spam do site WordPress!

I installed this plugin after getting a recommendation from WP Clean Up Optimizer and this works good as well!
But, i would rather appreciate the developers to enhance it with more features because we want something more creative!
Hope you will work on that!

I just upgraded to Pro Version after using the Free Version!
Quick & Easy to Setup!
Highly Recommended!

I have installed your plugin but am unable to see the settings as when I click the settings link it shows a blank page. Please help

Like the way it’s implemented, easy to use and operate.

With this plugin no bot attacks will break into your site, five stars!

Very User Friendly Plugin, nice looks and easy to use. Would recommend it to all!

This plugins works fine, is easy to use and does well what it is supposed to do. Well done!

Like how it summarizes my website’s info into one page. I also like having an anti spam barrier that makes sure there is a human behind the requests. I certainly recommend it for your blog.

A guy from Tech Banker helped me out solving a issues in less that 12 hours

Many thanks for this!

After trying a few, this one doesn’t break the Appearance/Customize setting in WP.

I haven’t had any robot spam since I installed Captcha Bank. No complaints from humans about difficult logins, either. It worked right out of the box, no hassles.

Had an issue and contacted them; they were incredibly helpful and accommodating. I appreciate that in a 3rd party company – quick response and problem solving.

Quick support response, efficient follow-up.

As I am not a developer and have very little coding experience, I was stack on several fronts sorting out my site. But support were very patient with me and assisted in sorting all problems. I am happy to report that everything is now working fine. Thank you Support Team.

its great

Quick response to request for help, they solved my issue quickly and efficiently would highly recommend!

Had a problem, and the tech team has helped us to solve it, Thanks for the help guys. 5stars.

This is a great Captchs program, installs easily and works first time. But after having a disastrous update of another plugin I found the captcha images were missing, I contacted support and they fixed it for me in a couple of hours, great work.

This is the best captcha I have found that also is not cheesy. I was looking for a professional looking captcha and this one fit the bill.

Captcha Bank is an excellent Captcha plugin. It’s very effective at thwarting bots from spamming your site. It’s an essential plugin in every WordPress site we do!

Undoubtedly this captcha plugin is the best one! I really admire its work! Thanks to developers

What a great, simple and easy plugin. I am really impressed by the quality of the plugin. Really easy to use and implement.
I may go for the Pro version if this works smooth in the coming days.
Keep the good work!